The INTERflame Beach Race is a tradition in the province of North Holland, the race is part of the Dutch Offroad Championship for the following classes:

  • NL-T1
  • NL-T2
  • Special
  • Side By Side

The INTERflame Strandrace is a unique race that is held on the Kennemerstrand, IJmuiden:

  • Road surface of the special stages: 100 % unpaved, sand
  • Number of special stages: 11 including 3 Marathon stages
  • No connection routes to the standings tests
  • Total length of special stages: approx. 200 km


The entry fee for the INTERflame Strandrace 2021 is set at:

To be announced : for all classes.

The registration fee includes the following:

  • two rally shields with the start number
  • two door stickers with the start number and the obligatory advertising
  • one Special Regulations
  • a predetermined location at the central service park
  • one exit ticket parking lot

The registration fee must be paid to the bank account IBAN: NL55KNAB0283119799 BIC: KNABNL2H in the name of Stichting Nederlandse Terrainsport Associatie


The registration of the  INTERflame Strandrace will be openen as soon as tyhe required permits have been issued.

We expect this to be arround the 15th of July.