We have started the preparations again….

It still seems a long way ahead; 2-3 October 2021, but in just under 4 months we at last hope to wave the starting flag on the beach of IJmuiden for the start of the (in the meantime renamed)  INTERflame Beachrace 2021…..

Life is opening up and the signs are positive, the organization is excited and last Sunday the 6th of June, the organization picked up the thread again. The script has been updated, the permits have been requested and the tasks have been divided, we are getting ready. Behind the scenes, the organization has been active, so we can confidently say that we are off to a flying start.

We are on a roll and highly motivated  we will continue along the route mapped out last year, the traditional beach race with a number of innovations such as the marathon stages. A total of 11 stages with 3 marathon stages, more than 200 kilometres at speed and no connections where else can you find a race like that!!

This and more information about the INTERflame Beachrace can be found on the renewed INTERflame Beachrace website, keep an eye on it,  here you will find all the answers to your questions. Registration will also take place via the site, which we expect to be able to open on July 15th, mark the date in your agenda…

We are enthusiastic and committed to a great INTERflame Beachrace 2021.

New Date 2-3 October 2021

Despite all the setbacks and having to cancel 2 events because of Covid-19 restrictions the organisation of the INTERflame Beachrace has planned a the new date… we are still waiting for the final permits to be 100% certain, things are looking good and we have a positive feeling.

We hope that the teams can at last release the “cropped up horsepower” on the Ijmuiden beach on the 2nd and 3rd of October 2021. We are getting ready to welcome them for this traditional race.

Exactly one year after having to cancel the first event our intention is to make an even better action packed race weekend. As soon as we receive confirmation of the permits we will open the registration on this website, until then….. reserve the date in your agenda!!!